Analysis of the demand and market share of luminous characters

Issuing time:2017-08-09 16:48

Acrylic luminous characters: Acrylic luminous characters include a wide range of products, such as blister characters, blister light boxes, all-body luminous characters, etc., accounting for 13.6% of the market share. Because of the cost, all-body luminous characters have been difficult to develop. Blister light boxes are not as popular as before. Only blister characters are based in the low-end market.

Mini luminous characters: Mini luminous characters were only put on the market at the beginning of 2013, and it has firmly occupied 8% of the market share in just six months. For this dark horse in the luminous word market, we give him the evaluation-a new star full of potential. Nowadays, chain brands such as Gionee, Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung also have a tendency to move closer to them. If they are used in the communications industry, their performance will also get a greater leap.

Plane luminous characters: Plane luminous characters were applied earlier, so they are more popular. In particular, most clients of Tang Dynasty advertising will choose flat or resin luminous characters, so it still has a very good market share.

Resin luminous characters: Resin luminous characters account for a larger share of the current luminous characters market, as much as 42.05%. As the mainstream in recent years, its status is unquestionable. At the same time, it has been continuously improved in resin technology and is widely used in various industries. Although the market for luminous characters is becoming increasingly fierce, it is still a more influential tiger.

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