What is an LED rainbow tube?

Issuing time:2017-08-09 16:42

The LED rainbow tube is a plastic linear decorative lighting made of high-brightness LEDs. It is a new type of lamp that replaces the miniature bulb neon tube. It not only has all the advantages compared to the glass neon lamp, but also overcomes the various shortcomings of the neon tube.

basic introduction

Features: low power consumption, high performance, long life, easy installation, low maintenance rate, not fragile, high brightness, cold light source,

It can be lit for a long time, easy to bend, high temperature resistance, good waterproof, green environmental protection, rich colors, good luminous effect and so on.

It can be used for building, building outline, and also for indoor and outdoor decoration.


1. Strong applicability, improved adaptability and reliability in various harsh indoor and outdoor environments

2. Rich colors: composed of three primary colors (red, green, and blue) display unit cabinets, enabling the electronic screen to display dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, and high display frequency

3. High brightness: Ultra-high brightness LED is used, and it is still clearly visible at long distances under strong sunlight

4. Good effect: using nonlinear correction technology, the image is clearer, and the sense of hierarchy is stronger

5. Strong reliability: using static scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability

6. Diversified display modes: support multiple display modes

7. Convenient operation: general video playback software is adopted to make the system operation very convenient

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