Process Analysis of Types of Luminous Characters

Issuing time:2017-08-09 16:45

1. Punched signboard luminous characters: also known as exposed type (different regions, different names), which are mainly punched characters, which are made of small dot LED lamp beads, covered with characters on the panel. The materials used are usually: aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate and other plates.

2. Luminous characters for blister signboards: blister machines and molds are needed to make them. Including blister luminous characters, blister light boxes (a single piece of blister panel, the material is acrylic (imported board and domestic board) panel, thick PVC material border, word inner core paving LED light source), etc., blister type process comparison It is complicated, and it takes more than a dozen processes to complete the overall character.

3. Bending signboard luminous characters: The production needs to be made by bending machines and plasma cutting machines. Generally, there are metal characters (flat iron characters and convex iron characters. The material is iron plate beating. Welding is used to increase the thickness. Baking paint and spray paint coloring), copper letters, stainless steel letters (mirror, drum, brushed), etc., welding treatment is also required after bending.

4. Engraved signboard luminous characters: crystal characters (glass-like luster, translucent, and high-end) with engraving technology; pvc characters (material is white or black plastic board, engraved by an engraving machine); acrylic characters (acrylic sheet is engraved) Completed); Furong characters (the characters are relatively light, and the price is low); these types of characters are all made by engraving techniques. And after engraving, some need to be polished, and some need to be polished.

5. Resin signboard luminous characters: generally refers to resin luminous characters, which are composed of three parts: shell, filling material, and luminous source. The shell part is made of plastic (ABS) injection molding or metal sheet (iron sheet, stainless steel, titanium, etc.) welding forming; the filling material in the shell is modified liquid resin casting.

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